This is a no-fluff, how-to course on exactly what you need to do to make money in your direct sales business. Get into the details of online and in-home events, vendor and pop-up events, fundraising and daily selling strategies.


  • Learn the difference between active and passive selling.
  • Equip yourself with an array of sales strategies to diversify how you approach sales.
  • Gain a strong understanding of how daily selling is critical to your revenue growth.

Lifetime Access: $197!
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Here’s All the Details

The course includes 8 engaging video lessons and a workbook with bonus content and worksheets to support your learning.


  1. Active and Passive Selling: Learn the difference between active and passive selling and strategies and how you will get results the fastest.
  2. Online Events: Get the basics of running an online event to convert more leads into customers, as well as deploying advanced strategies beyond Facebook Parties.
  3. In-Home Events: If in-home events are your jam, this lesson covers how-to run a successful in-home event.
  4. Personal Shopping: Provide personal shopping appointments via Zoom, Facetime or in-person to better serve your customers.
  5. Vendor + Pop-Up Events: Learn how to find vendor and pop-up events, as well as the best practices to prep, run and follow up to expand your network and drive sales.
  6. Fundraising: Use your business as a vehicle to give back to your community. Learn about cash-back and product-back fundraisers.
  7. Daily Selling: Learn the daily habits of selling to create consistency in between events.
  8. Do the Math: Increase your sales volume by leveraging a higher average purchase, increasing the frequency of purchases and/or expanding your customer base.