Pssst…I’m Giving You My Email Follow Up Formula

Do the words “email marketing” make you want to run and hide? Do you have customer lead forms sitting in a pile from your last event that you know you should be reaching out to? Do you sometimes realize it’s been months since you followed up with your customers? Do you feel like it is hard to find the right words to go into your emails?

Girl, let me help you out.

I’ve been there.

You hear it over and over again. “Fortune is in the follow up.” And, you know it. Yup, there’s money to be made when you do your follow up.

But, it’s hard, right? Writing that email. Making that phone call. Staying in front of your customers. It takes work. And, organization.

And, really – who has time for that?

What if you could wave a magic wand and know that your customers will hear from you?

While there’s no substitution for individual 1:1 relationship building conversations (actually talking to real people, what a concept, right?!) – there is an easy solution to build a relationship with your customers while you’re going about your day-to-day work.

Email Marketing. While email may seem like an old school approach, let me assure you – people do check their email. And, once you get an email address, it’s a pain in the booty to change it. So, once you have an email address, it’s not likely to change.

I’m not talking about opening a blank email and trying to come up with something amazing to say every time you have a new customer. Nopers. No way.

I did the work for you.

And, I’ve tested it.

And, it works. 

hold up – I need to understand this better.

Okay, let’s geek out. Using email marketing, you can automate the emails that go out to your new customers and contacts like clockwork. You write this email sequence once and it will go out to your customers in pre-set intervals every time you add a new customer to the system. An email sequence, nurture sequence, welcome sequence, marketing automation – those are just fancy terms for sending your customers a series of emails over a period of time.

Simply plug this email sequence into your email management system* and let it do its thing. It is a series of 10-12 emails over 6 weeks to begin building a relationship with your customer. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself, you company, share your story, provide value and win them over.

Once you enter your customer or lead’s contact information into your system, the emails go out automatically. You just sit back and get the pleasure of responding to any email replies you get. You know that these folks are taken care of and building a relationship with you!

Write your email sequence just one time.

Reap the benefits over and over and over again. 

I’ve used this system for several years and I’ve finally decided to share the love with you!

You can get this to-do crossed off your list in less than an hour. And, bam – automated customer relationship building happening straight from your inbox.

It doesn’t get better than that.

in this instant download, you unpack a ton of value:

  • My actual, proven welcome email sequence that I send to new leads. Use it word-for-word or adapt it for your biz.
  • 11 fill-in-the-blank emails to build your own email sequence.
  • A quick video training on how to set up a sequence using ConvertKit, MailerLite  or Mailchimp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

If you are a direct seller looking to grow your business online through email marketing, heck yes! If you have customers, possible customers and want more customers – email marketing is a great way to nurture relationships online. It’s easy peasy with the fill-in-the-blank template!

How long does it take?

In just a few hours, you can write your emails and put them into your email service provider and be ready to go. The only ongoing maintenance is monitoring your results and making tweaks. Each time you have a new contact, you will also add them into your email service system.

Do I already need to have an email list?

Nope. If you have one, awesome! If not, you can start building your list and nurturing these relationships today! 

What email service provider do I need?

We recommend Convertkit. If you’re brand spankin’ new to direct sales and email marketing, you can also use MailerLite which is free with some limitations. If you’re using any other email service provider, just make sure you can do email automation and sequences.

Does it really work?

I’m all about connecting with my customers based on where they are. Some prefer email. Some prefer phone. Some prefer social media. For your customers that prefer email, they are going to open and click on your emails. While this doesn’t always result in an immediate sale, they are connecting with YOU through your emails. They are remembering you and can easily search their inbox to find YOU. The best part is even if you just add a sale here or there as a result of your awesome emails, you’ve made your investment back! I have personally seen BIG results in my own business using email marketing as a tool to connect with my customers.