Feeling stagnant and stuck inside your friend circle? Look no further, this course is all about defining and finding your ideal client and teammate, delivering stellar customer service and how to implement a loyalty or referral program.


  • Learn how to get outside of your inner friend circle to attract new followers, leads, customers and hostesses.
  • Define your ideal customer and their challenges to proactively reach them online and offline.
  • Gain a strong understanding of what to say when building relationships, providing customer service and setting up loyalty programs.

Lifetime Access: $197!
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Here’s All the Details

The course includes 6 engaging video lessons and a workbook with bonus content and worksheets to support your learning.


  1. Get Outside Your Friend Circle: You didn’t join a direct sales company to hit up all your friends and family, right? In this lesson, learn how to get outside your inner circle to find new customers.
  2. Know Your Ideal Customer Profile: Surprisingly, not “everyone” is your ideal customer. Identify who your ideal customer is so you can better serve them.
  3. 3+3+3=3000 Biz Building Formula: Being intentional about building relationships daily is your key to success. Use this simple formula to proactively grow your network.
  4. Share the Opportunity + Grow Your Team: As you grow your network, you’ll also invite others to join you in the business to build your team. Learn how to share the opportunity in an authentic way.
  5. Super Star Customer Service: Providing your customers an amazing experience will increase customer retention. Learn best practices for customer care.
  6. Customer Loyalty + Referral Programs: Create your own customer loyalty and referral programs to keep customers coming back over and over again – and, telling their friends.