This course is designed for direct sales leaders as they grow and scale their dream team. Learn to create a compelling vision and find your support system as you rank up.


  • Leverage recruiting and systems to grow your dream team.
  • Create a compelling vision and team culture to minimize turnover.
  • Find your support system as you rank up into leadership.

Lifetime Access: $197!
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Here’s All the Details

The course includes 7 engaging video lessons and a workbook with bonus content and worksheets to support your learning.


  1. Ultimate Leverage: Build Your Team: When you build a team, you have leverage. This lesson covers the tools needed to build your team.
  2. Personality Types: Take a colors quiz to discover your personality type and how you best work with others.
  3. Onboarding, Training & Coaching Your Team: Leadership adds a lot of responsibility to your plate. Learn simple systems to onboard, train and coach your team to success.
  4. Teambuilding Mindset: Uncover your leader mindset and how you navigate the up’s and down’s of leadership. Identify your support system that keeps you going.
  5. Vision & Culture: Set the vision and culture for your growing team to fuel motivation and engagement.
  6. Retain and Engage Your Team: Creating team engagement is your best retention tool. Develop a sustainable team culture that attracts loyal team members.
  7. Leading Leaders: As you rise in leadership, learning to support and lead leaders requires a new skill set of collaboration.