Let me guess… You have some good momentum in your business, and you’re ready to LevelUP. And, by leveling up – we’re talking about making some major moves in your business in the next 12 months.

It might be doubling your team, increasing your revenue exponentially, building your brand or gaining that confidence you need to level up. The cookie-cutter, catch-all training isn’t enough and you’re ready to invest in personal coaching to keep you accountable, on-track and reaching a higher level in your business.

LevelUP provides the support from a peer group at your level, your personal business coach in your back pocket and the focused accountability to keep your momentum up. In addition to coaching, you’re also getting access to an on-call tech expert to provide you guidance as you set up systems, websites, landing pages, email marketing and more. 

Here’s what is included:

…Everything in the Modern Direct Seller Academy, PLUS:

  • Unlimited 20-minute coaching calls with Becky (yes, unlimited!)
  • Weekly highly-focused small group mastermind
  • Quarterly tech stack review with Jeremy
  • Quarterly 60-minute individual strategy sessions with Becky
  • Quarterly bonus virtual retreat just for LevelUP members
  • Private community group for just-in-time support
  • BONUS #1: Launch Your Website in a Weekend or ohmyhi.com
  • BONUS #2: Access to everything in the Done-for-You Training Vault
  • BONUS #3: 1-Hour Group Coaching or Training for your Team
  • BONUS #4: Invite to the January 2022 LevelUP LIVE Retreat in San Diego (you just pay to get here and we cover the rest)
  • BONUS #5: Monthly Mindset Group Coaching Sessions with Biz Mindset Coach Kaitlyn Kessler

Limited spots available.

LevelUP Member Pricing – 12 monthly payments of $525

Save your Spot Now!

This is for you if:

  • You are a serious direct seller invested in building your brand, or an existing business owner committed to adding a direct sales channel
  • You are seeking personalized coaching with an added level of accountability to craft your success strategy
  • You’re a go-getter with big goals and are committed to showing up and doing the work
  • You value a focused, small group experience
  • You’re consistently earning an income and you have an established, sustainable business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm already in the Modern Direct Seller Academy. How is this different?

A: In the Modern Direct Seller Academy, you have access to Becky through group coaching, courses and in the members-only Facebook group. In LevelUP, you will have unlimited access to 1:1 personal coaching. Plus, you will be invited to exclusive LevelUP perks such as Tech Time with Jeremy, Retreats, Guest Speakers and more.

Q: I've already paid for a year in the Modern Direct Seller Academy. Can I apply that toward LevelUP?

A: Absolutely! We’ll take your most recent annual payment and spread that over the 12 months. It works out to about $25/month so your LevelUP monthly payment will be $500 instead of $525.

If you want to do the one-time payment option we’ll take $300 off the one-time payment bringing the total to $5,700.

Q: How much is LevelUP?

A: LevelUP is a one-time payment of $6,000, or 12 monthly payments of $525. On the 12 payment plan you will be set up with a monthly auto-pay. If you prefer to pay $6,000 in full for the year, simply email us and we will get you changed to the one-time payment plan.

Q: Am I at the right "level" for this program?

A: LevelUP members are leading a team and have experience in direct sales or as a small business owner. It is less about level and more about your motivation and drive. LevelUP is only for those that are serious and willing to put in the work necessary to build a sustainable business. LevelUP members are consistently earning an income and have an established, sustainable business.

Q: How long is the LevelUP program?

A: The program is a 12-month commitment. We are excited to support your growth over the next year!

Q: What is included?

A: Access to all courses and digital products from myconsultanttraining.com is included. The Modern Direct Seller Academy, including the entire Done-For-You-Training Vault, is also included in LevelUP.

Q: What's included in the tech stack review?

A: We’ll review all the technical tools you are using in your business including your website, email marketing or any other software. Jeremy will review your accounts and how they are set up to make sure you are maximizing the benefits of all the tools you are using. Then you’ll have a 1-hour Zoom call with Jeremy to go over his findings and come up with an action plan to implement any recommended changes.

Q: I have more questions. What is the best way to get answers?

A: What to find out if LevelUP is a good fit? Tell us more about yourself and we’ll let you know! Or, simply send us an email to hello@moderndirectseller.com. We’d love to chat!