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Generate Leads While You Sleep

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with a new lead. A customer is interested in learning more about a product! Someone near you wants to host a party! Someone wants to join your team! Pretty awesome, right?! Right?! Yup. It's possible!

When you lay your head down on your pillow tonight, think about waking up *tomorrow* with a new lead. Imagine that happening once a week... maybe even just once a month. Make it a routine and this can change the trajectory of your biz.

Having your own website is the vehicle to grow your biz, add parties to your calendar and invite team members to join you!

A ton of my leads come through the contact form on my website.  Think about it... you're looking for a product, you want to learn more about hosting a party or you've heard something about the biz opportunity --- WHAT DO YOU DO?

Google it. Duh. 😉

Here's a concrete example of how this works. Your lead types in something like "usborne san diego" into Google. BOOM - they find ME! Check it out!

Let's be real. Your customers buy because...

It's YOU! They shop from YOU because they like YOU! They want to hear your voice. They want to know what products you like the most. They want your recommendations. They like YOU because you're fun, relatable and helpful. While there are hundreds or even thousands of others that sell exactly what you sell, your customers shop from you because you are YOU!

Don't get me wrong, your company-replicated website is fantastic for shopping, but it doesn't include your own voice or even where you are located in the country! A personal website gives you a platform. A platform to share your favorite products, announce your upcoming events and help people find YOU easier. Bottom line -- it helps your tribe find YOU.

you want to be found. you want to stand out.

let your customers find you.

Up Your Game. Yea, you! You got game.

A personal website professionalizes your direct sales business. Your customers take you serious. They begin recognizing you and your personal brand. It takes it up a notch. According to the 2020 Direct Sales Insights Survey, only 23% of direct sellers indicate they have their own website or blog. Join this elite group and stand out from the rest!

Let's have a heart to heart. Honestly, I can attribute much of my success to building a presence online through social media and my websites. It has differentiated me from other team members selling the exact same product and created a pipeline of customers, hostesses and teammates that are able to connect with me even when I’m not available to connect with them. Building this trust online is even more critical when I can't have a personal relationship with every single person in real life over coffee. And, it works!

you can't have coffee meetings every day.

let your website work for you.

Launch Your Website in a Weekend (or take your time and go at your own pace!)

You are probably thinking to yourself, there is no way in the world I'm launching my personal website in one weekend!  I am not tech savvy and have no web design experience!

Normally, you'd be right!

We spent over $2,000 on web designers and 40+ hours of our time to launch our first personal website (

For our next website ( we decided to do it all ourselves and save some money.  We did save money but spent a lot more time - 100+ hours launching this website!

we want to save you money and time.

for real.  let's do this!

We've taken what we have learned and what works over the last few years and packaged it up for you so you can launch your website in a weekend!

We give you a starting point...a beautiful, clean, functional template website with a companion eCourse that walks you through step-by-step how to update the template website to make it your own. We've simplified the process so YOU can build a website. Yes, YOU!

template 1 - clean and simple


This template has beautiful images and content pre-populated that you can use as-is or switch it up to make it your own!  Check out template 1 here.

template 2 - modern look


This template has a modern look and is ready to customize with your images and content! Check out template 2 here.

template 3 -personal/lifestyle blog


This template is more about you and less about your company.  Write about your interests and lifestyle and have just a page to share your business.  Check out template 3 here.

900+ additional templates


There are also over 900 layouts available within the Divi theme if you'd like a different look!  There are individual pages and full website packs.

see what our students are saying...

Oh my gosh! I don’t even know where to start!!! The Launch Your Website in a Weekend course was everything I wanted it to be and more. I knew absolutely NOTHING about creating or designing a website before this course. Becky and Jeremy taught me everything I needed to know about how to build a beautiful website, and they made it really easy. If I ran into a problem, or tried to do something that didn’t have a module to explain, Jeremy would make one for me and post it for the rest of the class to benefit from as well. They were both quick to respond to emails. Becky even gave great advice for email marketing, branding, graphic design, and general business suggestions. I paid for a website class and walked away with an entirely new outlook for my business. I can not thank Becky and Jeremy enough for all of their help getting my business off the ground. Side note - I got to meet Becky over the summer, and she is just as sweet and genuine in person as she appears in the videos.

Laura Ward

I was extremely intimidated to start building my website. I knew I needed help so I bought the course. Quickly after starting it, I realized just how EASY it was. The step-by-step guide, AMAZING one on one support when needed, and the samples were so very much appreciated! If I can do it, seriously anyone can do it. Hands down one of the best investments I’ve made in my business!

Ashley Melvin

Creating my own website gave me a platform to blog, share my favorite products with customers and recruit more team members to join my direct sales company. It elevated my online presence so now I can be found outside of my social media accounts. I was able to get my entire website up and running in just a few hours! It was 100% worth the investment. I know it will continue to pay off as I grow my business.

Renee Marie

We have had a our website up and running almost a year. We constantly refer customers to it via emails through Becky's follow-up email sequence. And thanks to getting that set-up we had two customers sign-up for book boxes just in the last week. All thanks to automation and a professional website.

Darcy and Sean Duffy

What you get:

  • 7 course modules with over 35 lessons
  • Choice of website template to make getting started easier than ever
  • Exclusive access to Becky, Jeremy and our online community*
  • Tips and examples on what to add to your website to stand out
  • 1 month of web hosting free*

Current Pricing:

Once you launch your website you will be invited to be an affiliate for Launch Your Website in a Weekend.  In other words, when you recommend Launch Your Website in a Weekend to your friends, team and network, we will thank you with a sweet cash bonus!

Course Modules

  • Welcome
  • Getting Started with WordPress and Divi
  • Navigating Your Hosting Account
  • Updating the Template Website
  • Launch!
  • Beyond the Template
  • Quick Reference
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this course for me?
If you want a simple, clean and functional website but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional web designer or spend countless hours starting from scratch, this course is for you! Even if you aren’t tech savvy, we break it down to simple steps. Plus, you have direct access to us and our online community to cheer you on!
How does it work?
We’ve developed a simple step-by-step course and template website so you can launch your website in a weekend. Yup, with just a few hours of training, you will have your website up and running in no time at all!
What kind of website will I have?

You will have a website using WordPress and the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. This is the most adaptable and user-friendly WordPress theme on the market. You can see the available template websites above.

Will other templates be available?

Yes!  We currently offer several popular custom designed templates.  There are also over 900 additional templates available with the Divi theme.  If you are interested in a template for your business or a custom website please contact us.

Are there any options to spread the payments over a longer period?

Not at this time. We currently only have the one-time payment option.

Can I customize my new website?

Absolutely! The course walks you through how to change the colors, fonts, add pages, remove pages, add blog posts and make updates to make your website just the way you'd like!

Can you just do it for me?

While many of our students enjoy the DIY process, we get that it isn’t for everyone. If you’d like to select a template, provide the content and let us handle the technical know-how, we got you! Pricing begins at $447. Contact us to learn more.

How does hosting work? *

All websites require web hosting. A web host is a company that stores your website files and serves them to visitors viewing your site.

The first month of web hosting is included with your purchase. After that, it is $12/mo to host with us.

You can also switch to another hosting company at any point, if you’d prefer.  As long as you're hosting with us, you'll have the added perk of staying in our online, private Facebook group where you can ask questions and collaborate with other students! Yay!

What kind of support is available?

You’ll have direct access to Becky and Jeremy to help if you have any questions.  We provide support via phone, chat, email or video conference. 

Additionally, as long as you are hosting with us you will have access to our online Facebook community to share ideas, brainstorm and learn from others that are also launching their websites.  If you are not hosting with us you will have 3 months of access to the online community.

Do I have to do it all in one weekend?
No way! You have LIFETIME access to the course so you can go at your own pace. If you want to knock it out, you definitely CAN get it done in a weekend!
What do I need to have before getting started?
You’ll need to purchase a website domain name (URL) if you don’t have one already. This is just about $10/year and we have a blog post to walk you through the process!
Does the website come with a blog?
Yes! You will have blogging functionality to easily post news, updates and photos for your customers. The course also includes instructions on how to delete the blog portion if you don't want it.
What will my website look like before it gets launched?
Visitors to your website will see a simple under construction page like the one below when they visit your site before you launch it.

more about Becky

Becky's professional background is marketing strategy, leadership training and direct selling. With a Masters in Leadership and Management, she spent over a decade working in Operations and Marketing with an amazing company training leaders all across the world. Becky's direct sales biz began to skyrocket and she quickly abandoned the 9-5 desk job. She's a builder, loves coaching and training her team to success, is easily excited about #allthethings and has endless ideas. Her Modern Direct Seller Framework is being adapted across companies worldwide and she loves pouring into her students in the Modern Direct Seller Academy.  Becky is also the author of 52 Tips: Grow Your Direct Sales Business. She's usually running from one kid activity or biz meeting to the next trying not to spill her coffee.

a little about Jeremy

Jeremy's an electrical engineer by day and has become accustomed to entertaining all of Becky's wild entrepreneurial ideas by night. He's the web developer, affiliate marketer, business manager, CFO, the "fun" parent and fixer of all things (toys, websites, etc.). Jeremy developed the Launch Your Website in a Weekend template websites and companion course which has helped many direct sellers quickly and affordably launch their very own websites. He prefers to be more behind-the-scenes but Becky is making him show his face more often around here. Jeremy's the logical, rational, even keel biz and life partner and is always looking at what's coming next for Team Launder.

about modern direct seller

Our mission is to provide practical training to empower Modern Direct Sellers to reach their big goals and find success in direct sales.

Whether you are new to direct selling or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find helpful tips, training and resources to rock your biz.

You’ve made it to the end of the page, so let’s do this!