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Do you often find yourself typing a message, re-reading, deleting, starting over, re-writing, then holding your breath and crossing your fingers that you get a response back?

Do you worry about coming off as too pushy, spammy or awkward when talking about your business?

You are not alone.

This is the #1 request I get.

Pleasssseeeee - can you just write that text for me?

You want to have a successful direct sales business and want to do BIG things, but there's a little voice holding you back. Was that text good enough? Did it sound okay? Did it even sound like me? What if they are turned off by my message?

If you are new to direct sales or even been around for a long time, finding the right words can be so freakin' hard. Trust me... I've been there.

So, I'm helping you out.

Tired of getting gross, weird and spammy direct sales messages?

Yup, me too!  You know what I mean.

The random cold message from the girl you haven’t talked to in 12 years on Facebook.

Or, the brand new Instagram follower that followed you seconds before.

The “hey girl, buy my stuff” PM. Or, the “what’s up boss babe, join my team” DM.

Or, maybe a text that sounds nothing like the friend that you thought you knew.

You know what I’m talking about. Right?! Right!

How many times did you promise yourself that you don’t want to be “that girl” — that girl that is sending messages that make the person on the other end want to turn and run far, far, far away.

I have some good news for you...

You don't have to be "that girl".

I got you.

I have a 15-page guide just for you!

Create Real and Authentic Relationships

Developing REAL and AUTHENTIC relationships in direct sales is the secret to success. Getting to know your potential customers, genuinely caring about them and introducing your business when the time is right will separate you from the rest.

But here's the thing.

You do have to ASK.

Building relationships, being authentic, using your own voice and asking for what you want in a thoughtful, sincere way makes a huge difference. Amiright?

You’ve heard the quote, “If you don’t ask, the answer is already no.”

Now that we agree that we need to ask, let's give you some scripting and templates to give you a starting point.

finding the right words can be hard

so, let me help you out!

I've used these exact messages to build my 6-figure direct sales businesses. And, now I'm sharing them with you!

In this 15-page instant download, you unpack a ton of value:


  • My actual, proven PMs, DMs and Texts that I send to new leads.
  • Specific messages for inviting someone you know (and don't know!) to follow your business, party invites, follow up messages to close more sales, scripting when asking for a booking and messaging when asking a contact to join your team.
  • Hot Business Tips on how to make sure you have an effective conversation.
  • Worksheets to grow your network and create a daily action plan to be intentional about building relationships

In this workbook, you’ll find perfectly crafted PMs, DMs and texts to build an authentic direct sales business.

So let’s start crafting the perfect messaging to get you more responses and closer to a “yes”!