Perfectly Crafted PMs, DMs, Texts

Struggle with finding the right words? Get my actual, proven PMs, DMs and Texts to connect with new leads, plus a business-building formula to build authentic relationships.


  • Get my actual, proven PMs, DMs and Texts that I send to new leads.
  • Unlock specific messages for inviting someone you know (and don’t know!) to follow your business, party invites, follow up messages to close more sales, scripting when asking for a booking and messaging when asking a contact to join your team.
  • Learn Hot Business Tips on how to make sure you have an effective conversation.
  • BONUS: Over 75 messages pre-loaded to the Boards App and Project Broadcast for you.

Lifetime Access: $97!
Bonus: Get 1 month free in the Modern Direct Seller Academy!

Here’s All the Details

I have some good news for you… you don’t have to be “that girl”. I got you. I have a 35+ page guide just for you!


  1. Make a List: Get my FRANKS list and figure out who you know!
  2. Keep Your Approach Authentic: Learn how to customize your messaging based on who you are speaking with.
  3. Keep it Conversational: Get examples on the difference between conversational and non-conversational DMs.
  4. How to Invite Someone You Know to Follow You: Get some simple scripting to invite your potential customers to follow your journey.
  5. How to Invite Someone You Don’t Know to Follow You: Discover how to warm up a “cold” audience!
  6. How to Invite Someone to a Party: Receive scripting to coach your hostesses on how to invite their network to join in on the party.
  7. How to Ask for a Sale: If you don’t ask, it’s already a no. Get examples on how to ask for a sale!
  8. Ways to Book a Party: Booking a party guarantees that you will be introduced to new customers. Learn the 3 best ways to ask for a booking.
  9. How to Grow Your Team: Get alllll my tips on WHO to ask and HOW to ask!
  10. 3+3+3 = 3000: Learn my relationship building formula to get 3000 contacts in just one year!