Scroll & Shop

Bring the party experience outside of social media! Rather than posting individual posts in a Group, try running an event within a single webpage! Shopping becomes an experience with images and demonstration videos that will leave your customers with knowledge of how your products can enrich their lives.


  • Get messaging and fill-in-the-blank scripts to make sure your event is a success!
  • Gain access to our easy-peasy Canva template for quick, personalized graphics.
  • Learn best practices in the 44 page workbook providing step-by-step instructions while you plan, execute and follow up on your Shop & Scroll Event.

Lifetime Access: $97!
Bonus: Get 1 month free in the Modern Direct Seller Academy!

Here’s All the Details

A Scroll & Shop is a perfect option for customers that are on-the-go with less spare time and/or don’t look to shop on social media.


  1. Shop & Scroll Checklist: Seamlessly execute your event with this step-by-step guide!
  2. What to Say & When to Say It: Get daily messaging to guide your host and guests through their Shop & Scroll experience.
  3. Tips on Choosing a Landing Page: There are so many options out there and finding the best fit can be overwhelming. We tested 5 platform for you and revealed the pros + cons for each!
  4. Advice on Creating Content: Use the 11 graphics + fill-in-the-blank scripts provided or get our tips on how to craft your own content!
  5. How to Host Your Own Event: Here’s your opportunity to engage your customers off of social media. Learn what to do + how to do it!