Eeeeps — Launching (or Re-launching) your direct sales business can feel daunting

Are you wondering if you’re “doing it right”?

Worried you might scare away potential customers?

Are you feeling a little in over your head?

Excited, but maybe a little scared to announce your new venture?

Do you want to make sure you’re set up for long-term success?

So happy you’re here! I’ve helped thousands of direct sellers launch their business. I’ve seen it go exceptionally well… annnnd, watched others really fall short when launching. That’s why I created this course.

It is hard (and scary!) to get started in direct sales. You’re stepping wayyyyy out of your comfort zone. Soooo, let’s make sure you’re launching with a splash.

Join direct sales biz coach, Becky Launder, for engaging step-by-step lessons guiding you on exactly how to launch (or re-launch) your direct sales biz!

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  • Throw yourself a grand opening party with style. It’s a big deal – let’s go BIG.
  • Tackle a step-by-step checklist to establish your online social media presence.
  • Learn how to ASK for everything you’ve ever wanted from sales to growing your team.

The course includes 7 engaging video modules and a workbook with bonus content and worksheets to support your learning process.

Exclusive invite to join the student online community for additional support and resources.

only $77

7 Engaging Video Modules

  1. Welcome: Let’s go over the learning objectives and how to make time to get the course done!
  2. Announce Your New Venture: Learn what to say to create buzz and invite potential customers to follow your journey.
  3. Get Social: Set up your private Facebook group and create a public Facebook page. Watch me walk you through each step!
  4. Plan a Kick Off Event: Schedule your grand opening parties to start your new business strong! Learn how to invite and successfully run in-person and online parties.
  5. Grow Your Customer Base: Tools and tips to grow your network and get outside the “friend-zone”.
  6. You Have to Ask: Learn what to say when asking for a sale, booking a party or even joining your team.
  7. Help! Common Roadblocks: Tackle the common roadblocks head-on.

Best Value

Join the Modern Direct Seller Academy and get access to this course, 6 additional courses and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is each course?

A: Each course includes 7 modules. They range from 1-2 hours in self-paced video training, plus a little independent homework on your own. I would plan to spend 3-4 hours in total to get through each course.

Q: What materials are included?

A: You will receive access to the training videos, workbook and facebook community.

Q: How long do I have access to the courses?

A: You have lifetime access to access the course and materials.

About Becky

Becky Launder is the CEO and Co-Founder of Modern Direct Seller, author of 52 Tips: Build a Thriving Direct Sales Business, host of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast and brains behind the Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Direct Sales Insights Survey. The Modern Direct Seller Framework has been implemented by thousands of direct sellers worldwide. The Modern Direct Seller team also partners with direct sales companies to launch, grow and scale, while providing training and back office software to their grow their social selling channel.

Becky is a former corporate marketing manager, turned six-figure direct seller. In her direct sales career, she was a top income-earner, led the fastest growing team company-wide, was named Team Leader of the Year (not once, but twice!), consistently earned incentive trips and had the honor of training on the corporate stage. Today, Becky empowers direct sellers to skyrocket their biz with the modern training, simple systems and actionable strategies.

about modern direct seller

Our mission is to provide practical training to empower Modern Direct Sellers to reach their big goals and find success in direct sales.

Whether you are new to direct selling or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find helpful tips, training and resources to rock your biz.