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Your team is looking to you to mentor them.

But who mentors you?

Work one-to-one with Becky and a group of like-minded direct sales leaders to grow your business.

Hi, I’m Becky, and I’m not your average business coach.

You probably have already met me on Instagram or heard me speak. But if not, let me share with you my own journey in direct sales. It may inspire you.

Not that long ago I was just like you. I was excited about my company. I couldn’t wait to rise through the ranks. I was ready to build a team.

And I did, but I quickly found out that my team lacked the sales skills and tools to be successful. They struggled with where to focus, how to fit their business into their life and lacked the courage to build relationships with their followers.

And that’s when I decided to fill the gap. I developed the Modern Direct Seller Academy to provide the strategy, training and community to help direct sellers find success faster in direct sales.

For those go-getters that are looking for personalized support and an accelerated path, we’ve opened enrollment to academy VIP.

This is for you if …

  • You want a personalized approach to your business and the Modern Direct Seller Academy (hint, you would really like to have Becky in your back pocket!)
  • You are ready for a fresh start with your business and/or looking to level up your business (right now)!
  • You have a growing team and you want to learn how to be a better leader.
  • You want to implement advanced marketing and selling strategies in your business.
  • You have another business and you are trying to integrate the two.
  • You want to work less and earn more money!

I’ve been a full-time Thirty-One Gifts consultant for fourteen and a half years. There are two things that I love about the Academy. Number One is that Becky has these amazing systems set up, and, as part of the Academy, as a VIP member, we get them all included with our membership. I love that if I need help on booking, or recruiting, or Project Broadcast, I can just go on the website, login, and pick whatever I need training on. That has been really, really awesome.

I also love that with VIP, I have access to a group of leaders in their business on Voxer. We are in different businesses, but we all go through the same struggles. And, somebody might have had training through their company on one struggle, and I need help with that, and we can just get on Voxer and be like, “Hey, can anyone help me with this?” And, within minutes, you have lots of answers back.

Jen Oneglia

Leader, Thirty-One Gifts


… plus, 20,000+ direct sellers across 135+ companies

In the Modern Direct Seller Academy VIP Program,
you will work closely with Becky as your coach to…

Create a personalized strategic plan that works for you
(and your team)

Get a personal branding makeover so that you stand out from the crowd!

Create a dreamy team culture that attracts the BEST teammates.

Lead like a Global Executive and level up your leadership.

Tap into YOUR best strengths (and ditch your weaknesses)

Sleep on the beach
while your marketing systems do the work for you.

Know exactly how to grow
and build a business
(independent of your company)

Recruit your next
team superstar

Use the latest and
greatest tech in your

Streamline every part of your business so that you work less, and earn more


Everything in the Modern Direct Seller Academy Plus…

Proven strategies for direct selling growth

A Personalized Strategic Planning Session with Becky: This is the first step in your VIP journey. In one 50-minute conversation with Becky you will map out how to grow your business and your team using your strengths and a proven strategic plan.

Modern Direct Seller Academy Curriculum: Everything in the Academy, plus more just for you as a VIP!

Expert Group Coaching & done-for-you Systems

3X Monthly VIP Group Coaching Calls: You will meet with Becky 3X a month to exponentially grow your business.

In your group coaching calls with Becky you will …

Create a Monthly Growth Plan so that you never get lost in the details of what to do, and use it to track your progress.

Develop Your Leadership Skills in Becky’s VIP Leadership Lab. You’ll learn the science of leadership, your strengths as a leader, and how to lead your way.

Mastermind With a Small Group of Top Leaders: Got a challenge? There is someone in our group who has already solved it. Learn from proven leaders in the field, and give and get your best ideas in a trusted setting.

BONUS: Invite your team to be trained by our team! As a perk of Academy VIP, you’ll get exclusive access to over 25 Done-for-You Training topics you can share with your team.

Personalized support & daily accountability

Discover the Magic of Voxer: Tap into the VIP group wisdom on the daily via our private VIP group Voxer chat. It’s like having a walkie talkie in your back pocket and saves you so much time.

Personalized Support On the Daily: Get access to Becky when you need it most. She’ll keep you accountable to your plans and goals.

limited time bonuses

Everything in the Done for You Training Vault

This is AWESOME because you get all the things you need to RUN your team in ONE place. You will never get stuck again on what to train on!

$725 value

Your Own Fill-in-the-Blank Oh My, Hi Website

Remember that brand makeover we talked about? Get your own website and start customizing it for you and your business.

$290 value

Best Year Ever Workbook to Create Big Plans

This is a custom-designed direct sales 12-month business planning workbook so you can easily track, reflect and celebrate your big goals.

$59 value

This is for you if:

✅ You are a serious direct sales leader invested in building your business and leadership skills.

✅ You are seeking personalized coaching and feedback, with an added level of accountability to craft your growth strategy.

✅ You’re a go-getter with big goals and are committed to showing up and doing the work.

✅ You are building your brand and may even be adding additional income streams

✅ You value a focused community of like-minded leaders.

✅ You’re consistently earning an income and you have an established, sustainable business.

✅ You don’t have an upline providing training or your direct selling company’s training just isn’t resonating with you.

This isn’t for you if:

🚫 It’s too much of a financial stretch.

🚫 You are looking for someone to do the work for you.

🚫 You believe there’s just one path to success.

🚫 You’re looking for a cookie-cutter plan not personalized to your unique biz.

🚫 Fun incentives and great conversation isn’t your thing.

🚫 You are just starting out in direct selling and marketing (our Academy has you covered!)

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7 On-Demand Actionable Courses 7 Direct Sales Toolkits Daily Consistency Tracker Monthly Office Hours With Becky Monthly Guest Masterclass Monthly Social Selling Action Plan Real-time Coaching, Support + Tech Talk Monthly Academy PROgress Report Monthly Personalized PROfit Strategy Quarterly Virtual Retreat + 90 Day Action Plan Discounts On Other Courses & Products Personalized Strategic Planning Session With Becky 3 Monthly Group Coaching Calls Private VIP Group Chat + Community Unlimited 1:1 Coaching With Becky Done-For-You Training Vault Access Free Oh My, Hi Website Free Best Year Ever Workbook Join Now! Get 2 Months Free with an Annual Plan!

Becky has been a huge help to me. Learning what Becky has taught me has saved me so much time! One tip in VIP can literally change your life. In VIP I’ve learned to do my business in a new way. One of the ways is blogging. Through blogging I can share things that I’m passionate about and that are helpful to others and it stays there and I can refer back to it. It helps with building connections too. Things are so much easier now that I don’t have to keep recreating the wheel over and over again. Getting feedback from other leaders who are not inside my business has been so helpful. Life is short to not do the things that make us happy!

Michelle Albright

Leader, Color Street

When I first decided to join Becky’s Academy, I was afraid that it was going to be just another course that was full of fluff and information that I couldn’t relate to. I’ve been in direct sales for 15 years, so I feel like I’ve seen it all and heard it all. But what I did find and what I was excited for when I joined was that there was so much information available to use, and the one thing that I really love about what Becky does is that she allows us to use the information to train our leaders in our organization and that’s something I haven’t seen with other coaches out there. I love that Becky has that available and that Done For You training is awesome. This is a great community. Becky and Jeremy are awesome!

Lisa Duck

Leader, Epicure

My favorite part of working with Becky is actually her energy. She is just fun. She makes business super fun, so you’re excited to dive into work after you talk to her. Then on top of that you get these incredible leaders that give you fresh perspectives on your business. I’ve been in my business for over 15 years, so having that perspective from other leaders in other companies really makes VIP a win-win. Everyone is so willing to share and collaborate. It’s been really helpful to me to step up my game. Since joining the Academy, I’ve become a better planner and it’s been such a huge difference in my business and I’ve really seen the value in that.

Jen Pitta

Leader, Stampin' Up

The top 5 reasons direct sellers succeed

Ever wonder what gets a mid-level leader to the top?

Our research shows that top-level leaders in direct selling are constantly working on 5 areas:


CLEAR DIRECTION: Top level leaders know exactly where they are going and why! They frequently review their goals and plans, and are clear on what they want to build.


PROVEN PLANS OF ACTION: Let’s face it. There are A LOT of ways to build your direct selling business and teams, but what’s the rights one for you? Top leaders have figured out a game plan that works for them and their teams and they take action on it every day.


LEARNING THE NEXT BEST THING: Have you ever wondered why some teams grow and others fail? The most successful leaders teach by example. In this Modern Age you have no other option than to learn what’s working, and keep growing if you want to succeed. Top leaders are always working on upgrading their marketing, selling, and leadership skills.


ENVIRONMENTAL OPTIMIZATION: Top leaders know that they need to find ways to focus, get a lot done in a small amount of time, and balance their work and family life. They do this by surrounding themselves with people who inspire them, organizing their physical and digital lives, and visually reminding themselves of their goals.


UPGRADING THEIR BELIEFS: You have to believe you CAN succeed, to succeed. Top leaders create positive, aligned mindsets with their goals and build their confidence every day. They clear limiting beliefs, and replace them with beliefs that create rapid success.

Because we know this is what top leaders are doing, we’ve created a space for you to do these things more easily than you ever have before in the Modern Direct Seller Academy VIP program.

We know you're gonna love it!

You’re protected by The Modern Direct Seller 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We understand how important it is to invest in the resources and tools that get you results! That’s why we’re giving you a full 10 days to explore the resources inside the Modern Direct Seller Academy, and make sure it’s the right fit for you. If it’s not a fit, just send us a message within 10 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your payment in full. No hassle, no strings attached.

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Academy VIP Monthly

Minimum 6-month commitment


Academy VIP Annual

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Q: I'm already in the Modern Direct Seller Academy. How is this different?

A: In the Modern Direct Seller Academy, you have access to group coaching, courses and the members-only Facebook Group. While leaders are part of the Academy, the focus is primarily on personal sales, rather than rising to leadership. In Academy VIP, you will have on-going access to Becky. Plus, you will get access to exclusive Academy VIP perks like quarterly swag, bonus power hour at retreats and more!

Q: I've already paid for a year in the Modern Direct Seller Academy. Can I apply that toward Academy VIP?

A: Absolutely! We’ll prorate the remaining amount of your most recent annual payment and apply it to your Academy VIP membership.

Q: How much is Academy VIP?

A: Academy VIP is $247/month on the monthly plan or $2470/year on the annual. Join now!

Q: Am I at the right "level" for this program?

A: Academy VIP members are direct sellers with an established, sustainable business. Academy VIP is only for those that are serious and willing to put in the work necessary to build a business.

Q: How long is the Academy VIP program?

A: Academy VIP is a minimum 6-month commitment. Cancellations are not allowed until the end of the 6-month commitment.

Q: What is included?

A: Everything in the Modern Direct Seller Academy, including the entire Done-For-You-Training Vault, is included in Academy VIP.

Q: I have more questions. What is the best way to get answers?

A: Want to find out if Academy VIP is a good fit? Tell us more about yourself and we’ll let you know! Or, simply send us an email to [email protected]. We’d love to chat!