Pre-Order the Fall Edition: Modern Direct Seller Box

Shipping Early November


A box curated for direct sellers, who love useful + fun stuff!

Don’t we all! 😉

Surprises for Direct Sellers--delivered to YOU!

This seasonal box is jam packed with items you'll love! Hint: The box equips you with the tools to have fun this fall and build momentum for the holiday season!

You're working hard! You deserve it!

ONLY $49

Hey-Hey! I am so excited to introduce you to your must-have direct seller happy mail!

The Modern Direct Seller Box.

And she isn’t just any old box! She’s specifically curated for YOU, an amazing go-getter direct seller!

You'll get some seriously fun goodies delivered to help you work your biz, grow your biz, look good while you do it, and also treat yo' self!

Here's the awesomeness that you'll receive!


Goodies to help you work your biz! Umm... does anyone else just LOVE office-supplies? 😉


Let's Think Outside the Box with actionable training to help you grow your direct sales business!


Creative ways to incorporate what’s in your box so you’ll look good and stand out on social media!


And a little something for you! Keep for yourself or give as a prize to a customer or team member.

ONLY $49

Check out some of our past boxes!

While we don't offer a monthly subscription any longer, we are pros at curating the perfect box. Here's a few of our fave past boxes!

Back To Basics Box

  • You Got This Mini Wall Banner
  • Oh My Glitter Gels
  • Clothespin Magnets
  • All The Things Make a List Pad
  • Modern Direct Seller BINGO Card + Gold Star Stickers
  • I Love Office Supplies Pinback Button
  • Lemon Sugar Scratch Made Cookies
  • Think Outside the Box Training: Back To Basics

Biz On The Go Box

  • Floral Key Fob Wristlet
  • All I Need is Wifi and Office Supplies Pouch
  • It's a Wrap Cord Wrangler
  • Clean Up Your Act Tech Wipey
  • Lemonade Rings
  • Lucky 7 Bracelet
  • Modern Direct Seller Sticky Notes
  • Think Outside the Box Training: Biz On The Go

Summer of Sales Box

  • Push Pop Confetti Single Pop
  • Twist and Shouts Tote
  • Confetti Bookmark
  • Sherbet Ombre Journal Pack - Set of 3
  • 20 Sticker Pack Holographic You Are Beautiful
  • Golden Ticket Scratch-Off Card
  • Polar Bears
  • Think Outside the Box Training: Summer of Sales

Spring Into Action Box

  • Mint Selfie Stick & Tripod
  • Let’s Take ACTION Notepad
  • Mini Magic Liners Erasable Highlighters
  • Rose Gold 1, 2, 3 Balloons
  • White Tea Collagen Eye Gels
  • Sprinkles Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • CinchShare Sticky Notes
  • Think Outside the Box Training: Spring Into Action

Love Your Biz Box

  • Blush Journal
  • Oh-So Fancy Sticker Set + Gel Pen
  • Pep Talk Postcards Book
  • 3 in 1 Charging Cable
  • Truffle Sampler
  • Mini Chalkboard Sign with Wooden Base
  • White Liquid Chalk Marker
  • Laminated Gratitude Card
  • Think Outside the Box Training: Love Your Biz

Goal Smasher Box

  • You Got This Cards
  • Goal Smasher Tote Bag
  • Whimsical Kit by Flying Wish Paper
  • This Will Be Your Best Year 2021 Desk Calendar
  • Modern Metallics Colored Pencils
  • 2-Month Calendar Notebook
  • Goal Smasher Quarterly Notecards
  • Cocoa Stick
  • Think Outside the Box Training: Goal Smasher

We can't wait to hear what you think!

Becky reads my mind when she curates these boxes. It's like she knows exactly what I need to make the month successful!

Erin Mires


I’m loving my subscription boxes from Modern Direct Seller!! Every item is so well thought out to support my business or treat me a little!! These boxes are everything you didn’t even know you needed to step up your direct sales business!!! I love them!!!!

Tawnee Hinton

Perfectly Posh

February’s box is FABULOUS! I can’t wait to use the mini chalkboard to feature the new products in our upcoming launch! Thank you, Becky!

Samantha Wilcox

Lemongrass Spa

LOVE my Modern Direct Seller box!! I just got it tonight and am already using the items to create social media content!

Megan Stewart

Usborne Books & More

Who knew this product even existed! Love, Love, Love the inspiration this box provides!!

Karina Herrera

Pure Romance

Just opened my Feb box!! OMG - it's amazing! Thank you!

Paige Swenson



Q: When will my box ship?

A: We will ship the next batch of boxes out the first week of November.

If you'd like to get a box sooner, we have a few boxes left from spring that can ship right away! Order a spring box now!

Q: Can I get a box sooner?

A: Yes! We have a few boxes left from Spring that can ship right away! Order now!

Q: What is the shipping cost?

A: Shipping rates are the following:

  • United States - $9 per box
  • Canada - $19 per box
  • Australia - $28 per box

If you would like to purchase multiple boxes please contact us and we'll see if we can get a better rate based on the quantity and destination.

If you are outside the U.S. or Canada and would like to know your shipping rate, please contact us at

Q: Is there a shipping discount on bulk orders?

A: Yes! If you are purchasing multiple boxes that ship to the same address, we will bundle your individual boxes into one larger box to save you a little cash.

Email us at with how many boxes you'd like and where they are going and we will adjust the shipping and send you a link to complete your purchase.

Q: What is included in my box?

A: You will receive 5-7 items delivered to you that will help you work your biz, grow your biz, look good while you do it, and also treat yo’ self! Everything from office supplies, worksheets, notecards, checklists, gifts, and more. It will be a box full of surprises you’ll look forward to.

Q: When will I be charged again?

A: This is a one-time purchase and you will not be charged again in the future.

Q: Can I gift a box to a teammate?

A: Yes! The Modern Direct Seller Box makes a great gift for a new teammate or to celebrate a milestone! When placing a gift order, be sure to include your teammate’s info in the shipping address.

Note: You will need to place a new order for each mailing address. For example, if you wish to buy 3 gifts and have them ship directly to 3 different recipients, you will need to place 3 separate orders.

Q: What is your refund and return policy?

A: We do not accept any returns or refunds for boxes, but we will replace any damaged or broken products you receive. Just send us a message at and we'll be happy to help!

You've made it to the end of the page, so let's go!